2016 Nitto Auto Enthusiast Day

Blazing temperatures weren't enough to keep away huge crowds and amazing cars that packed the asphalt of Angel Stadium for the 2016 Nitto Auto Enthusiast day. 

Bimmerfest 2016 Coverage

Bimmerfest 2016 was a lot of fun. Each year the event hosts crazier builds and draws in larger crowds of enthusiasts, which is what makes Bimmerfest so special. This year we brought out a custom wrapped BMW I8 with our Fondmetal Forged 9F wheels. The response was great, but if you missed it don't worry because we have coverage for you here.

What Is TÜV Approval? | Fondmetal Wheels

TÜV Approval is a very important feature for drivers that demand the best out of their car's performance. Find out what TÜV Approval is and why you need your wheels to have this rating.

Fondmetal Earth Day Tribute

Today’s focus is about sustainability. Fondmetal wants to give a shout out to all the high MPG and hybrid cars that are sporting our wheels today on Earth Day.

Audi R8 | Fondmetal + MB Design KV1

With the buzz of the Long beach Grand Prix approaching, what better place to showcase this Audi R8 paired with Fondmetal KV1 wheels? 

Range Rover Evoque | Fondmetal STC-02 Wheels

The Range Rover Evoque ushered in a new era for the British SUV brand. No longer was it known for building boxy, lumbering vehicles, but instead a fresh, modern take on luxury off-road-capable motoring. See how this Range Rover looks with some Fondmetal wheels.

Ferrari F12Berlinetta | Fondmetal FMS 07

The new Fondmetal Signature Series featured on this Ferrari F12Berlinetta is just one example of the new series that is soon to come out. Custom tailored to exotic cars see how the new Fondmetal FMS-07 look on this Ferrari.

2015 BMW M4 | Fondmetal STC-MS

Unmatched structural composition and progressive design is synonomous with the thought behind the Fondmetal STC-MS wheel. Check them out on this BMW M4.