Pontiac Feature written by Motoring Exposure

Bringing ‘Down Under’ to the US!

There’s an outlaw, rebellious attitude down in Australia and that character can be seen in their home-grown sports cars. The Holden Commodore is the perfect example with its four-door muscle car style that was so popular that General Motors brought it to the United States as a Pontiac G8.

While the G8 and Pontiac as a whole is no longer, the spirit of it lives on in the hearts of automotive enthusiasts. Michael Passarge is one such enthusiast that was on the verge of buying a Dodge Charger until he was swayed by the Pontiac G8.

After buying a G8 GT, Passarge quickly became a fan of the V8 Supercars racing series in Australia, and with it a fan of Holden Motorsports and their Commodore VF racers. Inspired by the series, Passarge wanted to create a proper tribute car in the US, so he contacted Holden Motorsports about using their livery for his road-going Pontiac G8 GT. Much to his surprise, Simon McNamara, Head of Holden Motorsports, response that they would allow Passarge to use their actual racing livery and even provided him with customized graphics to install.

Passarge then got in contact with numerous Australian-based sponsors to create an authentic build, with companies such as Super Pro Suspension, DBA, and DuSpeed jumping on board. Next was X-Force, who installed a full engine-back system including equal-length long-tube headers, a 3.0-inch high-flow mid-section, and their adjustable dual Varex muffler. This marked the first time ever that the system was installed on a left-hand drive model and gave the American sports sedan a more menacing attitude.

But the looks weren’t complete just yet. The Holden tribute was missing the right set of wheels. Passarge found the perfect set with the Fondmetal 9XR wheels that feature a similar but more aggressive design to the optional OEM upgrade wheels available from Holden in Australia.

The muscle sedan in Holden livery was outfitted with the Fondmetal 9XR wheels in a 9.0 x 20 +45 with 5 x 120 PCD setup at the front and rear with a Titanium finish. The Fondmetal 9XR provide a special dual-five-spoke design that flares outwards at the center point of the rim with an angular design to create a powerful and dynamic aesthetic that perfectly complements that aggressive character of the V-8 monster from Down Under.

Armed with Holden Graphics and a set of Fondmetal 9XR wheels, this Pontiac G8 will continue to keep the four-door muscle car alive in the ‘States.