The FMS-02 is a light forged wheel designed specifically for the Bentley Continental GT. Its seven twisted spokes give the FMS-03 a modern directional twist, with a hint of classic mesh styling in its background. Its quintessential design is a perfect combination of modern taste with aggressive style.





The FMS-03 wheel is individually tailored for the Lamborghini Huracan. Lightweight, forged and 100% made in Italy. The FMS-03 has an updated look on the iconic Huracan wheel with the addition of a 5 spoke element. Forged from a process that has been developed from over 40 years of experience and knowledge from racing fields across the world. The FMS-03 is impeccably lightweight and performance driven in its design and fitment.

The FMS-04 is perfectly engineered for the Lamborghini Aventador. Designed to handle its raw power, the FMS-04 is of monoblock forged construction making it very dense, very strong and therefore extremely lightweight. The design elements feature a five spoke face with a mesh background. Bigger, wider and impeccably deigned the FMS-04 delivers the performance you deserve for your Aventador.




The light alloy forged FMS-07 is 100% made in Italy and specifically purposed for Ferrari supercars. The iconic five spoke star styling is updated with a directional embedded pattern throughout the inner barrel of the wheel. Offering a 21x9 front and a 22x12 rear the monoblock forged construction of the FMS-07 is lighter, stronger and wider so your Ferrari can perform better.