Fondmetal’s history began in 1970 in Palosco, Italy as an aluminum foundry by Gabriele Rumi. Stefano Rumi, son of Gabriele is the present owner of the company.

Gabriele Rumi had a passion for cars and racing and saw a demand for the manufacturing of parts for the automobile industry. In Palosco they made induction manifolds, water conduits, clutch bellhousing, oil sumps, cylinder heads and engine blocks for clients such as Maserati Biturbo, Fiat, Iveco, OM and Magneti Marelli.

For Gabriele Rumi this was not enough. He found himself too reliant on his customers in a sensitive time period following the oil crisis. This led him to the courageous decision of launching his own product line.

The choice of product was alloy wheels due to his involvement and passion for the automobile industry. From there the Fondmetal brand grew and was established as a leader in forged and cast wheel design, engineering and manufacturing in Italy.

“We love our work deeply. We only think about this and this alone. Thus, even when it seems that we have reached the top, we are never satisfied as we are convinced that there is always room for improvement in some small detail; perhaps insignificant for others, not for us.”

-Gabriele Rumi,
Founder of Fondmetal


In 2014 the Fondmetal brand expanded to the United States. Many of our wheels continue to be made in Italy and are TÜV approved.

Fondmetal USA offers fitment for luxury, performance and exotic car applications in three collections; the STC Series, 9Performance, and Forged Monoblock Signature Series.

9PERFORMANCE. Technology and lightness, suitable for a sportsman par excellence, who considers the alloy wheel not a simple accessory, but an essential component, able to improve overall vehicle performance.

STC. Excellence and attention to detail, the STC (Super Tuning Concave) series was born for the car lovers who wish to distinguish themselves and are looking for exclusivity. With manual milling and deep concave design to distinguish the aspect of the four wheels, the STC series offers designs with different concavity for the front and the rear wheels.

FORGED MONOBLOCK SIGNATURE SERIES. Launching in 2016, wheels designed and engineered specific to Supercars; Lamborghini, Ferrari, Porsche, McLaren and Bentley.

Homologation and Certification

Precise characteristics have made Fondmetal a leader in the field of light alloy wheels for many years now: the high quality of its product (TÜV, ECE, NAD homologations), IATF 16949, UNI EN ISO 14001 and UNI EN ISO 9001 certification, technological mentality acquired on racing fields all over the world, state-of-the-art production, plants flexibility, reliability, speed.